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Half Season 2 (12 Games):

Five Star G/A $360

  • Flamingo Club members will have a litany of benefits including:
  • All-inclusive ballpark food and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • VIP Parking right next to the main stadium entrance.
  • Full-service bar for beer, wine and mixed drinks.
  • Flamingos baseball cap for each seat.
  • Invitation to Flamingos VIP events including a pre-season practice and VIP Batting practice.
  • First priority for other event tickets at Carolina Bank Field.
  • Ability to rent the Flamingo Club throughout the year for no rental fee. (food and drink costs additional)
Ticket exchange program (if you can't make a game on this plan, you can switch it to another game, based on availability) Payment plans are available, please call 843-413-2833 for more information.
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Half Season Plan 2
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